Empowering Rural Women Artisans

According to official figures there are 7 million artisans (and up to 200 million artisans according to unofficial sources) engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood, The global market for handicrafts is $400 billion, of which India's share is below 2%, representing a tremendous growth opportunity.
CamelCentralis an online platform which helps Artists and Artisans share their skills with anyone across the glove who is interested in learning and practicing different art and craft forms. We also provide a Shop Now section to  buy finished products of our Artists and Artisans.
Since majority of rural artisans, especially women are illiterate, there is a challenge to onboard them to a virtual platform and communicate with a global audience. To overcome this challenge we partner with NGO's and Non-Profit organizations who have already established relationships with rural artisans for capacity building.
Your investment in artisans leads to a trickle down effect of improving health and education outcomes for future generation of the most marginalized population. It is estimated in 2003 around 50% of household heads of crafts producing families had no education whatsoever, and more shockingly, around 90% of the women in these households were completely uneducated.
Team CamelCentral