Pradeepika - Art on Wheels

Pradeepika is a self-taught artist who is passionate about art and started painting since 12 years of age. Her vision is to break the myth that art cannot be learned and also bring art to a mainstream career like the engineering and medical fields. She has helped many of her students to find solace in themselves through art.

Pradeepika started teaching Art professionally 4 years back and founded Art on Wheels® in April 2018. She is known for her patience in helping beginners understand the nuances of using different mediums and the usage of colors. She is inspired by nature and can be clearly seen in her vibrant palettes which adorn her landscape paintings.

Art on Wheels is a mobile forum, which stirs creativity out of you. If you think we just play with colors then raise your expectations high. We give u music of colors, which makes you dance to your own tunes.
Art on Wheels is a dedicated platform to spread art and creativity among the people in various cities across India aiming to give an experience of pure joy while connecting art to the inner self.
As Picasso said, "Every Child is a born artist, the challenge is how to remain an artist as we grow up" Art on Wheels connects you to that child within you who still is an experienced artist.