Violin Classes - Suzuki Method (1 semester - 6 months)(EMI Options Available)
Violin Classes - Suzuki Method
Violin Classes - Suzuki Method
Violin Classes - Suzuki Method (1 semester - 6 months)(EMI Options Available)
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Violin Classes - Suzuki Method (6 months - 1 Semester)(EMI Options are available)

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Please note the course fee is inclusive of sessions for 6 months period, and EMI options are available to convert the course fee into monthly EMI's. Please contact 96424 41728 for further information.

Shardul Bapat's Suzuki violin program is a 6-month program targetted at students from 7+ years of age, conducted twice a week for 1 hour each. 

We follow the principles of the Suzuki Method for our violin lessons. The Suzuki Method, as developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki uses the mother-tongue approach to teach music. We learn our mother tongue by listening to our parents speak to us, tell us stories, sing us rhymes, and not by learning the alphabet and theory. In the same way, music is taught to students by listening and practice through easy to follow exercises and not by memorizing scales and reading sheet music. The technical aspects like reading sheet music and memorizing scales are also introduced, but much later in the course.
The Suzuki Method does not believe in exams or grading. At the end of each level, the students perform in front of an audience instead of appearing for an exam. The approach thus is based on more emphasis on molding children into performers.
The main aim of Dr. Suzuki's method wasn’t to teach music but to make good people out of music. He believed that if children were exposed to fine music from an early age and they learned to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. They develop a beautiful heart by learning music through the Suzuki Method.

Who is it for?

Children aged 7+ would be the ideal candidate. Parental involvement for children below 15 years of age is compulsory. Parents are expected to attend each lesson, participate in the lessons, and conduct practice sessions at home since it is already a challenging instrument, and conducting lessons online is just going to make it even more difficult.

If the parent is interested to learn the instrument along with their child, we offer a special parent+child registration rate (which is available in the variant section). 

I genuinely believe you’re never too old or too young to learn an instrument so I would be open to students of all age groups.

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method can be thought of as having three main components: A philosophy of education Curriculum of materials Techniques that flow from the philosophy.

Suzuki Philosophy: Every child has the potential to become musical. Environment rather than genetics will determine achievement. Positive reinforcement promotes success. The development of the whole child is most important.

Suzuki curriculum: The Suzuki Method curriculum is a well-considered series of musical pieces designed to introduce and review musical technique in a progressively challenging format.

Suzuki technical concepts: Begin lessons early, enlisting the aid of the parent as a home teacher. Adapt the "mother tongue" approach to learning through listening, imitation, review, and positive reinforcement. Break each skill into the smallest possible steps. Teach individual lessons to let each child progress at his or her own pace. Use group classes to review the materials presented in the private lesson and to introduce the skill of playing together.


  • Lessons will be conducted twice a week.
  • Each session will be 45 mins - 1 hour long.

What my students had to share?

Shardul Bapat Violin Classes Online Violin Classes


Eagerness to learn (and a decent internet connection).

About Shardul Bapat

Shardul Bapat is the founder of Pune School of Music. Shardul has been learning western classical violin for over 14 years and has 8 years of teaching experience. He holds a violin performance diploma awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Dip.ABRSM) and is India's third Suzuki certified violin teacher. He was trained under Mrs. Rama Chobe(India's first Suzuki certified violin teacher)
Shardul also performs with a band named Easy Wanderlings and has performed and recorded for multiple bands and a few movies as well.

Contact Support

If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll for the program please contact or 9642441728


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