Serene Seascape - Acrylic Painting (Recording Only)
Serene Seascape - Acrylic Painting (Recording Only)
Serene Seascape - Acrylic Painting (Recording Only)
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Acrylic Painting Session - Serene Seascape (Recorded Session)

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Join us online to have a fun-filled event with like-minded people to paint this serene seascape with our expert guidance and make some new friends too.


Sample work

Who is it for?

Age: 10 years & above


Materials you need

  • Canvas Board/Sheet/acrylic Paper, Size: 8"x10"/10"x12" {Any of these brands - Camel, Fine Art Brush, Faber Castle, Royal, Monte Marto, or local brands}
  • Acrylic colors (White, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black) {Preferred Brand - Fevicryl Acrylic Colors}
  • Synthetic Flat brush no. 5/6, Synthetic Round brush no. 2/3 {Any of these brands- Camlin, Fine Art, Faber Castle, Monte Marte}
  • Water container to wash brushes
  • waste cloth/tissue to wipe brushes

What you will get

A refreshing experience of indulging in colors & a beautiful painting created entirely by you to cherish forever.

About the Artist

Pradeepika is a self-taught artist who is passionate about art and started painting since 12 years of age. Her vision is to break the myth that art cannot be learned and also bring art to a mainstream career like the engineering and medical fields. She has helped many of her students to find solace in themselves through art.

Pradeepika started teaching Art professionally 4 years back and founded Art on Wheels® in April 2018. She is known for her patience in helping beginners understand the nuances of using different mediums and the usage of colors. She is inspired by nature and can be clearly seen in her vibrant palettes which adorn her landscape paintings. 

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    If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll for the program please contact or 9642441728

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