Piano or Keyboard Course by Pruthvi Raj for beginners and intermediates (EMI Options are available)
Piano or Keyboard Course by Pruthvi Raj for beginners and intermediates (EMI Options are available)
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Piano or Keyboard Course by Pruthvi Raj for beginners and intermediates (EMI Options are available)

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EMI options are available to convert the course fee into monthly EMI's. Please contact 96424 41728 for further information. 

Pruthvi Raj's Piano or Keyboard course is a 3, 6, or 12-month curriculum targeted at students from 7+ years of age, conducted twice a week for 45 min each. 

Pruthvi Raj, a top Keyboard/Piano tutor is going to teach Piano for beginner and intermediate level students. 

We teach basic and intermediate level piano lessons for the hobbyist and the serious piano student. It will include lessons in piano technique, reading music, music theory, memorization of music, learning piano pieces, and playing by ear. Classical, popular, and jazz styles will also be covered.

This course is the first step for students wishing to play classical piano. It is an introduction course, preparing students to later appear for the Trinity Examinations and get an internationally recognized certification. Students undergoing this course will learn to read and write traditional western music notation. By the end of this course, students will be able to read and play short tunes without assistance, and will then be able to appear for the Grade-level Trinity Examinations in music theory or piano

The lessons are conducted as a 45-minute lesson twice a week by Zoom. We customize the course to fit the student's interests and levels. The curriculum provides a good background and takes the student through the process of learning the piano in a clear and organized way. It's important for a student to play piano music that they like to help keep their interest. The instructor works with each student to find piano pieces that are both fun and interesting. Classical, popular, and jazz styles of the piano will be covered. Depending on what directing a student wants to go in, an emphasis will be placed on either classical, jazz, blues, or popular music. This class is open to all levels and ages 5 through adult.

Who is it for?

Children aged 5+ would be the ideal candidate. Parental involvement for children below 5 years of age is compulsory. Parents are expected to attend each lesson, participate in the lessons, and conduct practice sessions at home since it is already a challenging instrument, and conducting lessons online is just going to make it even more difficult.

We genuinely believe you’re never too old or too young to learn an art form so we would be open to students of all age groups.


  • Lessons will be conducted twice a week.
  • Each session will be 45 mins long.

About Pruthvi Raj

Pruthvi Raj, a versatile Piano performer, teacher, and choreographer from Hyderabad.  He has been a violinist and musician for the last 15 years. He has certifications from Trinity & Rockschool, ARBSM.  He is well versed in teaching children and has experience in teaching in many private schools in Hyderabad. He  is also an active member of the Band UIM.




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    If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll in the program please contact courses@camelcentral.com or 9642441728


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