Ocean Resin Art - Online Workshop(Kits + Recorded Session Included)
Ocean Resin Art - Online Workshop(Kits + Recorded Session Included)
Ocean Resin Art - Online Workshop(Kits + Recorded Session Included)
Ocean Resin Art - Online Workshop(Kits + Recorded Session Included)
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Ocean Resin Art - Online Workshop(Kits + Recorded Session Included)

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Resin art is that famous art doing rounds on the internet. Resin is a two-part component that consists of Resin and hardener. When both parts are mixed together there's a chemical reaction and the resin hardens. When color pigments are added we achieve the most stunning artworks.
In our Resin workshop, we want to introduce you to the Resin Epoxy Art.
In this course, participants will learn to Mix Resin and play with other mixed media to create a one of a kind resin art piece. We will learn about mixing resin and adding pigments such as acrylics, resin color pigments, and more. Our Instructor will walk you through the process from beginning to end. Before you can get started, you will learn what resin is and what you should pay attention to when working with epoxy resin. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to create your first resin work.
We will learn to apply these basic skills to create an artistic beach scene.

This workshop covers:

  • How to handle resin
  • Casting embellishments
  • Preparing the boards
  • Pouring
  • What to do and what to avoid when doing Resin art
  • Information brochure
  • Recorded Demo for 2 hours
  • Complete sanitized kits
  • Finally, you get an absolutely stunning artwork that you have made with your own hands
  • (Please note our resin doesn't give out any harmful fumes so it is absolutely safe to be used by teenagers and pregnant women as well as everyone else)

Who is it for?

For  Ages 13 years and above

Shipping Info

  • Please register soon as we need time for transport/courier service for shipping your Kits
  • Shipment will be done to only green zones

About the Artist

I'm Poonam Wankhede aka Natasha based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra...like every other Indian I went through this education process, and like every parent want their child to be wise I got qualified as an Engineer.
But art was always my calling. I tried another field after my marriage and kids...fashion designing. I qualified as a Fashion Stylist from Nift ...I don't think that you got to be learning the art to be an artist.
I believe that everyone can be an artist. You just need to have a passion for art and take time to shape it. My message to everyone if you don't get it right the first time...just toss it in the trash bin and then try once again 😊.

I teach 
  • Watercolor painting 
  • Acrylic painting 
  • Oil painting 
  • Knife painting too.
  • Resin art 
  • Pencil sketching

I have been teaching all age groups from 6 years to adults

Contact Support

If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll in the program please contact courses@camelcentral.com or 9642441728


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