Learn to create Realistic Ocean and Beach effect with Resin (Online Workshop, Kits Included)
Learn to create Realistic Ocean and Beach effect with Resin (Online Workshop, Kits Included)
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Learn to create Realistic Ocean and Beach effect with Resin (Online Workshop, Kits Included)

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Workshop Outline

"Learn to create Realistic Ocean and Beach effect with Resin" is the third session in the "Starting with Resin, Certificate Program". The "Starting with Geode Resin Certificate Program" e-class is 4 days and dives deep into Jazeel Jabbar's secrets, tricks, and tips.

Geode art has become very popular and we want to teach you the techniques to succeed. The resin may look easy but little things can go wrong and it takes skill and knowledge to master it. These classes take the guessing out of resin, giving you all the information and skills to create beautiful resin geode art. Artist Jazeel Jabbar reveals all tips and tricks not holding anything back from you.

LEVEL: Beginner

This workshop covers:

  • Live Demo Online, where you can follow all the steps and get a hand on experience
  • Information about how to handle resin. Where can we use it? Do's and Don'ts of epoxy resin
  • Push the limits of your resin art, learn techniques that capture beautiful results bringing your art to new heights 
  • Mixing your resin with pigments, colors, and glitter is - easiest way to pour on a larger canvas
  • Secrets on what is added to the resin and when
  • The stages of creating, when to stop and how many layers are needed
  • Adding glitter - sounds simple but resin is tricky, glitter can take over your work
  • Texture points- How to get that beautiful sparkle that captures the eye
  • Detailed paintbrush lines - when to make them
  • Creating depth- when to use the pen lines and layers
  • Sanding and finishing your art by the last part, your signature.
  • Finally, you get an absolutely stunning artwork that you have made with your own hands
    (Please note our resin doesn't give out any harmful fumes so it is absolutely safe to be used by teenagers and pregnant women as well as everyone else)

Mastering Realistic Ocean and Beach effects to create an Ocean Trinket ( Session - 03 of Starting with Geode Resin Certificate Program)

What you'll learn

  • The technique to create a realistic beach effect
  • Ocean View Painting technique will be taught
  • Basic resin to advance masterpiece
  • Skills and experience to create your own resin artwork at home.

What you'll make

  • Ocean Trinket for your Jewellery



Who is it for?

For  Ages 13 years and above

Benefits of this course

  • Convenience: The beautiful thing about this is, it's from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  Normally you'd need to find where the artist is holding their next class and most times not in your city.  No need to travel to get Jazeel Jabbar to teach you her step-by-step classes as she explains every part of the process. No need to search YouTube and try to put it all together, Poonam shares her secrets, tips, and materials used so that you can re-create her beautiful art without missing a step.
  • Simple & Easy: If you love simple, you will enjoy these easy to follow along with classes that are broken down into days. 
  • Provide Recordings: The wonderful thing about these classes, the recordings are available online after your live sessions, so you have the option to watch on your schedule and re-watch again! Stop, pause, and don’t lose your spot.  You can also watch at a 2x faster rate!
  • Materials Provided: All materials including gloves, plastic sheets, and an apron is provided along with the main raw materials Epoxy resin, geodes, clocks, and pigments. So that you don't have to go to the market to purchase any of the products which are required for the course.
  • Generate Income - Plan to sell?: This is a great way to pay for your hobby or make extra income on the side.

What do you get?

  • 1 class of 2.5 hours of an information-packed LIVE session
  • Recordings of the LIVE session for future viewing with no expiry date
  • Home delivered Sanitized Kits for Prebooked seats
    • The resin in a measured quantity
    • Pigments
    • Hand gloves
    • spatulas
    • measuring paper glasses etc

Shipping Info

  • Please register soon as we need time for transport/courier service for shipping your Kits
  • Shipment will be done to only green zones

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    If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll for the program please contact courses@camelcentral.com or 7993481278


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