Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)
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Cheriyal Painting by Award Winning Artist Sai Kiran (Online Workshop)

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Learn to Paint "Cheriyal Scroll Painting" - the exclusive Telangana Story Telling Art Form with Award-winning Artist Sai Kiran

This will be an online workshop for 3 hours. It's designed for beginners and adults or children above 13 years can join.

You can create your own Cheriyal painting with this step by step guided session by the artist, and he will also guide you with techniques of drawing these intricate rural art.

Cheriyal Scroll Paintings

Cheriyal scrolls were once sociologically and culturally significant. Conventionally used as a tool for educating the unschooled villagers, these painted scrolls were also used by the village bard as a visual aid to go with his stories and folk songs. Since the scrolls required artistes to paint meticulous lines, the royal state machinery termed the artistes as ‘nakshas’ (naksha means fine line), and thus the art form came to known as the Nakashi paintings.

The traditional art form became an inseparable part of the profession of the story-telling, balladeer community known as Kaki Padagollu. They displayed the scrolls and accompanied by music and dance went from village to village narrating and singing their ballads based on their rich folklore which was rooted in the Puranas and Indian Epics, enlivening many after a hard day's work at their village.

Who is it for?

For  Ages 13 years and above

Materials Required

  • A4 Size watercolor paper (a couple of extra sheets to practice sketching).

  • Set of Acrylic or poster Colors.

  • Round Brush (size 0,1,2, 4 OR 5 OR 6) and 1 Flat brush.

  • Pallet, water, and rough cloth

  • Black Pen for outlining. (preferably fine liners)

  • Pencil, scale, erasers.

  • Few extra A4 size paper for rough work/practice

Benefits of this workshop

  • Convenience: The beautiful thing about this is, it's from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  Normally you'd need to find where the artist is holding their next class and most times not in your city.  No need to travel to get Sai Kiran to teach you his step by step classes as he explains every part of the process. Sai shares his secrets, tips, and materials used so that you can re-create his beautiful art without missing a step.
  • Simple & Easy: If you love simple, you will enjoy these easy to follow instructions from Sai along with techniques to be used for cheriyal painting 
  • Provide Recordings: The wonderful thing about these classes, the recordings are available online after your live sessions, so you have the option to watch on your schedule and re-watch again! Stop, pause, and don’t lose your spot.  You can also watch at a 2x faster rate!

What do you get?

  • 3 hours of an information-packed LIVE session
  • Recordings of the LIVE session for future viewing with no expiry date
  • A completed Cheriyal Painting you can be proud of and adorn as a Home Decor

    About the Artist

    I'm D Sai Kiran Varma from a small village of Cheriyal in Telangana and is one of the few artists in the country who specializes in Cheriyal art, which I have learned from my parents – state award winners, D Nageshwar and D Padma.
    I have studied Fine Art's at Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, specializing in painting with the aim of preserving Cheriyal art and is working now with Kakipadagallolu storytellers, who narrate tales from the Mahabharata to the community of fruit pickers. 
    I would constantly aim to make Cheriyal art more contemporary and relevant by using its motifs to make utility items such as mobile covers, key chains, tissue boxes, paperweights, and the popular masks which are made from coconut shells. All these items are made from the same materials, with the same techniques and I ensure that I'm not making it fully contemporary as then this art will get lost.

    Few Important things to know before joining our workshops

    • Details to join the call will be provided a day before the workshop
    • The workshops are attended by beginners as well as experienced artists, we will keep a pace that is convenient for everyone in the group. 
    • We will try our best to complete the workshop within the allotted time, but sometimes due to situations beyond our control, it might take more than the allotted time. Hence we recommend you to keep yourself free for at least an hour more than the allotted time
    • We will be providing access to recordings of the workshop, so in case if you are not able to attend the workshop partially or completely you will be able to view it later
    • We will create a Whatsapp Group for coordinating with the class group and the instructor. This can also be used for feedback from the instructor
    • Please follow our Instagram page or our Facebook page to keep yourself informed about new and upcoming courses
    • Please join our Facebook group to interact with instructors and other participants

    Need Help? Contact Support

    If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll in the program please contact or 9642441728

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