Bob Ross Painting - Brush + Knife + Acrylics(Recorded Session)
Bob Ross Painting - Brush + Knife + Acrylics(Recorded Session)
Bob Ross Painting - Brush + Knife + Acrylics(Recorded Session)
Bob Ross Painting - Brush + Knife + Acrylics(Recorded Session)
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Bob Ross Painting - Brush + Knife + Acrylics(Recorded Session)

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In this session, you won't just create Bob Ross Painting but also learn the basic techniques of painting with a brush using acrylic colors.

You don't have to be an artist to connect with art! Pradeepika will be providing in-depth 2-hour guidance after which even without any prior art experience, you will be able to create this beautiful painting and cherish your art experience forever!

BOB ROSS: A pioneer in introducing Joy of Painting, Bob Ross revolutionized beautiful landscape art and that too by teaching to create one painting using simple techniques.

His famous lines "Happy little trees" "We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents" are small examples showing that he was the happiest painter!

In this workshop, come and create one of Bob Ross's famous paintings "Mountain Reflections" and feel the Joy of Painting!!

What our Student's Shared

Who is it for?

Age: 10 years & above

Materials you need

  1. Canvas Board/canvas sheet: Either 8"x10" or 10"x12"
  2. Acrylic Colors: White, Black, Dark Green, Chrome/Golden Yellow, Prussian/Cobalt Blue, [ White color is required more in quantity] (Preferred brand of colors- Fevicryl Acrylic Colors)
  3. Brushes: Synthetic Flat Brush: No. 6/7/8//10; Synthetic Round Brush: No. 1/2/3.
  4. Painting Knife: Multi angled Palette knife
  5. Waste cloth/tissue
  6. Water in a container

    What you will get

    A refreshing experience of indulging in colors & a beautiful painting created entirely by you to cherish forever.

    About the Artist

    Pradeepika is a self-taught artist who is passionate about art and started painting since 12 years of age. Her vision is to break the myth that art cannot be learned and also bring art to a mainstream career like the engineering and medical fields. She has helped many of her students to find solace in themselves through art.

    Pradeepika started teaching Art professionally 4 years back and founded Art on Wheels® in April 2018. She is known for her patience in helping beginners understand the nuances of using different mediums and the usage of colors. She is inspired by nature and can be clearly seen in her vibrant palettes which adorn her landscape paintings. 

    Contact Support

    If you would like to know more about the program and how you can enroll in the program please contact or 9642441728

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